20 Best E-Commerce SEO Marketing Tips To Boost Revenue

Earning money by selling an item is the ultimate goal of any business. Even though most business owners know what they want to sell and how many sales they need, many do not know how to increase e-commerce sales. Meanwhile, this is one of the essential questions for any business owner who wants to succeed in online sales and move to the next level.

Follow the below tips to increase your e-commerce sales through e-commerce SEO services.

  1. Start with keyword Research

    Keywords determine how often your potential e-commerce site will appear in search results when a potential customer searches for a product available on your portal. You can use Google Keyword Planner or Bing Keyword Research Tool to find your business’s most popular keywords. Once you know the competition for a particular keyword and its popularity, you can choose keywords for your portal.

    If you are targeting highly competitive services or products, then it’s a good idea to target broad-match keywords. If you’re targeting local languages, it’s important to make sure that translation and spelling are in place – so use native translators and don’t blindly trust Google Translate!

  3. Integration of Social Networks

    Integrating your website with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is important. Your website visitors can appreciate your page. Thus it helps you to advertise. Being active on social media will help you build relationships with potential customers. Every action you get on a social networking site is free advertising. So try to grab this opportunity.

  5. Write SEO Friendly Content

    Communicate with your potential customers through the content on your website. To communicate effectively, your content must be original, effective, and powerful. Do not go far, trying to impress the customer. Strictly avoid creating any exaggeration that misleads customers or creates expectations that products or services cannot meet. Make sure your content adds to your long-term customer trust.

  7. Keep an Eye on your Competitors
  8. Attracting more visitors to your site does not depend on your e-commerce SEO efforts. You must also keep a list of contestants. Focus on your direct competitors and their e-commerce SEO strategy. See what works for them through the tool on SEMrush. Be ready for action.

  9. Think Globally, Work Locally

    When selling products in the global market, it is necessary to customize your portal to suit local traditions and tastes. You need to fix your website so that people recognize you as a global brand and, at the same time, feel comfortable at home while browsing their portal.

  11. Explore Business Globally

    If you are a small business and dream of expanding globally, you may have to invest heavily in marketing and promotion to succeed. If you don’t want to initially risk too much money and want to test the waters before diving, then there is a smart way to do this. Portals such as eBay and Amazon provide small businesses with an international sales platform. By listing e-commerce marketing services on such portals, you can know whether your products have global acceptance. Also, you will know which markets you target when starting an independent project.

  13. Display Reviews and Related Products
  14. Customers leave the e-commerce site when they either fail to see what they are seeing or cannot make a decision. If there are product reviews on your website, you will help the customer get the necessary comfort to make a decision. Apart from this, the portal should also display related products that the customer is interested in. This will provide a more engaging experience, and customers will stick to your e-commerce portal to make purchases.

  15. Create Unique and Valuable Product Descriptions
  16. Search engines like unique pages, so it is best to have unique and relevant content. Many e-commerce companies copy-paste the details provided by the manufacturer to avoid the difficulties of creating their unique product descriptions. Because manufacturers provide similar descriptions for many other portals, the content you have on your website is not unique. 

    Therefore, you risk your webpage being filtered by search engines for plagiarism. Create your own unique product description that gives the user a more balanced view and includes details about all the important features of the product for the customer.

  17. Optimize Pages Based on User Search
  18. Understand how users are trying to reach the specific page you want to optimize. Search and find the keywords that people will use and include them in the page, title, page title, and product description. For example, if you sell an all-in-one desktop computer, you understand how people query search engines while buying such products. You can also find regional variations in your search terms – by using the words that your potential customers are most likely to use, and you can get more hits that are relevant.

  19. Interact and Connect With Customers on Social Networks
  20. Just as it is important to have a social media presence, you also need to use all social tools to engage with your customers actively. This helps you strengthen your brand and customer relationships. An easy way to interact with your audience is to post content that customers will be interested in. You can also organize a contest and offer some attractive discounts to the winners.

  21. Use a Sensitive URL
  22. Talking URLs, also known as ‘keyword-friendly URLs,’ tell the reader the content or message they should see on the web page if they want to click on it. So, in short, the URL you create for your page must contain the correct keywords. This will make it easier for readers to know what the product URL is looking for. This will increase the chances of your page in search results for specific keywords.

  23. Quality Link Building

    Inbound and outbound links are not just numbers: quality also matters. Sites from which you link and receive links should have a strong reputation and web traffic. If your e-commerce site is linked to a low-quality website or site that is listed in red by Google, you may be penalized for backlinks.

  25. Don’t Miss 301 Redirects
  26. Using 301 redirects will help you keep the power of links embedded in the pages you previously removed from your website. Therefore, when removing a page from your website, ensure that you provide 301 redirects to the alternate page that visitors like the most.

  27. Optimize All Product Images on Your Website
  28. One of the most important aspects that shape a customer’s shopping experience is the quality of product images for retail stores. This would be a stop for a customer if he could not see the important features of the products. Therefore, you need to take high-resolution product photos. Users should be able to zoom in on the details and get a feel for the actual product. Also, it would be best if you use ALT tags strategically. Embed all relevant keywords in the alt image tag.

  29. Set Preferences in SiteMap.xml
  30. Sitemap.xml allows Google and other search engines to crawl and easily index a website without any problems. You can also use it to prioritize different URLs or pages on your site. The priority you give will determine the order or sequence in which the pages will be crawled. If you feel that some pages of your website are more important than others, then you can give them a relative priority.

  31. Create a Faster Payment Process
  32. Page speed and complex payment processes are also a top culprit in leaving your shopping cart. How much do cars that affect e-commerce sales affect? Try billions of dollars every year.

    Much more, 63% of them are recoverable. When deciding how to increase your e-commerce sales, avoid being part of the statistics that make your payment page as fast and easy as possible. Identification requires information from people, unless absolutely necessary, and allows them to store their information for future use. Your profits and SEO will benefit from a fast, conversion-friendly experience.

  33. Robots.txt to Specify The URL and Directories of Your Website
  34. Creating unwanted pages to Google can be a waste of its resources as well as the bandwidth of your site. Using the “robots.txt” file, you can advise the robot not to crawl and index some files and directories on your site. For example, if you don’t want Google to crawl your site’s image directory, you can instruct the search engine accordingly by updating the Robots.txt file accordingly.

  35. Use Video With Custom Products
  36. Put everything on your portal to the customers they expect from you. For example, if you have a video that guides the customer on how to take care of the product to watch it to extend their life, it will add immense value to your site. Likewise, a video that is the testimony of an existing customer would also be appreciated.

  37. Reduce Site Loading Time

    If your site takes too long to load, then you need to fix it immediately. Customers do not feel like waiting, especially when they know they have a dozen other options. The longer the loading time, the more likely you are to face customer abandonment. Most customers expect no more than 3 seconds to wait before the site loads.

  39. Add FAQ Page
  40. Customers need to stay on your website – if they don’t need to go elsewhere to research the product, they won’t. To ensure that they do not leave, you should provide all the information they are looking for. It is best to have a Frequently Asked Questions section to help customers solve all those specific questions while shopping. It is also a good idea to have a FAQ section for each product or service listed on your portal.

    Wrapping Up

    Implementing search engine optimization techniques efficiently and consistently over time remains the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business. This ensures that your portal gets good visibility in a competitive business environment. It also means that you can do everything you can to gain your customers’ trust and happiness with your services.

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