What is Amazon Marketing Services? How effective is Amazon Marketing Service?

If you are clueless about what amazon marketing services are and how amazon marketing can improve your sales, you are in the right place.

Read on to know about how this is an expert tool that helps you reach your target through the right marketing and advertisements.

We will tell you in detail about how this works and share some tips on how to make optimum use of the feature of amazon marketing.


What are Amazon marketing services?

It was launched in 2012 but was merged in 2018 with Amazon Advertising Platform and Amazon Media Group to form Amazon Advertising. This acts as a platform for sellers to target a larger audience by self-advertising and marketing on Amazon. It boosts the discoverability of brands. The seller or the brand gets the opportunity to customize their amazon ad depending upon their budget that makes it available to potential customers. The amazon marketing strategy works by the use of search keywords, shopper’s intents, interests, etc. The Amazon marketing strategy works to increase immediate clicks on the products, increase discoverability and ensures that makes it to the top of search results on Amazon.


How does it work?

The amazon marketing expert promotes the advertising of products in the following three ways-

  • Sponsored products– The products are targeted by keywords collected from their metadata which are based on what the customers are using to run a search. This targets the promotion of a specific product and makes the ad appear within the search results.

  • Headline Search Ads– This may cost you more than the budget for sponsored products as it is placed differently. This makes the product pop up above the search results and appears larger. The search results directly at a specific range of products.

  • Product Display Ads– The product display ads bring in maximum gain. They typically appear on your desktop in product pages, search results. The sponsored product ads are matched manually or automatically and help to increase the reach and visibility of products to customers.

It is very effective as Amazon aids you in choosing the right keywords by following its algorithm that makes suggestions to align with your products. This information can later be used to optimize keywords with campaigns in the future. So, if you are a seller on Amazon you don’t want to miss you on Amazon services for your brand.

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