Boost Your Business Presence with these social media platforms in 2022-2023

Social Media marketing with Mount Web Technologies

Social Media Platforms are not only connecting people and letting them socialize. But it is now one of the most used platforms for promoting and marketing business. The kind of response that companies get from social media marketing is commendable. It allows enterprises to connect with their target audience cheaply and easily.

But most companies get stuck with the question of where to start. Or which social media platforms should they choose to build their brand value? With the increase in social media platforms, it is confusing to decide. That is why we have researched and curated a list of social media platforms to boost your business presence in 2022-2023. Let’s find out which is the best for getting high ROI for your business.


There is no doubt why Facebook tops the list. From getting website traffic, generating sales, building an online market, and creating brand awareness, Facebook helps. In addition, Facebook has more than 2.4 billion active users, a boon for marketing and promotion. No matter which industry you are coming from, you will find an audience for every domain on Facebook. Facebook requires you to pay for all social media campaigns, but you get a good ROI. Facebook’s social media advertising budget is relatively high, but the reach it can help your business get is terrific.


Next to Facebook is Instagram, one of the best social media platforms to boost your business presence. It lets you grow organically, unlike Facebook. That is why businesses, including start-ups and MNCs, are opting for Instagram regarding advertising, as they can use this platform to improve their social presence without paid advertisements also. Instagram gives businesses numerous promotion options, from posts to stories to direct messages. One popular way to increase engagement on Instagram is to use relevant and popular hashtags. At present, Instagram has around 500 million active users every day. It helps even homegrown brands to advertise themselves on global foot by sharing pictures and videos.


It is one of the oldest video-sharing platforms owned by Google, where one can upload and watch videos. We all know that visual content gets more engagement and greatly impacts users. That is why YouTube stands at the top position regarding video sharing on social media platforms. With 2 billion active monthly users and around more than 30 million active daily users, YouTube is considered one of the best platforms for increasing business presence. To grow your business on YouTube, one doesn’t require to spend a huge amount on advertising. You can do it by creating eye-catching YouTube videos with relevant keywords and titles. It will help in making high search ranking YouTube videos.


No one can deny that they don’t love tweeting, whether personally or professionally. Like the other social media platforms, Twitter also gets high response and engagement. Though it is relatively older, it uses hashtags like Instagram to help users find the content. From ordinary people to celebrities, Twitter is one platform that quickly drives your content’s traffic. Quality and relevant content take only a few seconds to get viral on Twitter. For consumers who like to get live updates about the companies they are linked with, Twitter is the best platform. It is known for live and real-time tweeting. With an active monthly user base of 336 million, it is easy to find your target audience on Twitter.

Besides these social media platforms, we also have PINTEREST, TikTok, and LinkedIn on the list. If you want to promote your business on a professional social media platform, then LinkedIn is the best platform. So, now you know which social media platform to start with for boosting your business presence. According to your business domain, target audience, demographic, content relevance, and social media advertising budget, you can use the social media platform that suits your business.